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My standard rate for 45-minute individual therapy is $275/session. This rate is comparable to other psychologists credentialed to provide psychological services in the Manhattan area. A sliding scale fee may be also available depending on your needs. I accept any standard form of payment, including cash, check, all major credit cards, and HSA payments.


Though, like most New York City providers, I don't work directly with any insurance companies, I do qualify as an out-of-network provider on most insurance panels. Reimbursement rates vary, but many insurance policies cover a significant portion of fees after meeting an annual deductible (often up to 60% to 80%).


Please know that there will be no surprise bills or unexpected costs; before we start working together, I'm committed to making sure you fully understand the weekly expense and how your insurance can help.  


If you're interested in using your insurance coverage, please contact your insurance company and ask the following questions:

  • Does my plan include “out-of-network” coverage for "outpatient mental health services"? 

  • What is my out-of-network outpatient mental health services annual deductible?

  • When does my deductible plan reset?

  • What is your usual and customary rate for 45-minute psychotherapy (CPT 90834) for a licensed clinical psychologist in zip code 10001?

  • What percentage of a $275 fee will you cover?

  • Are there any annual session limits I should be aware of?

After you receive this information, we can discuss any questions or concerns you may have about reimbursement. Though you'll be responsible for payment upon service, I will provide you with all the necessary documentation required for your reimbursement on a monthly basis. 

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