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Areas of Specialization

I'm an experienced provider committed to work with people of all ages, gender identifications, sexual orientations, and cultural identities. I have particular experience providing therapy for the following conditions:​

  • Depression (mild to severe) and Bipolar Disorder​

  • Anxiety and Panic Symptoms 

  • Social Discomfort, Loneliness, Interpersonal Insecurities 

  • Intimacy and Attachment Difficulties 

  • Infidelity, Heartbreak, Separation/Divorce   

  • Grief, Loss, and Life Adjustments 

  • Work Stress and Career Indecisions 

  • Trauma and PTSD

Addiction Treatment

I also have special training and expertise in psycho-therapeutic approaches (talk therapy) for substance use disorders and other addictions. I've worked in addiction treatment settings for over 10 years, and currently practice and teach in an outpatient addiction treatment program at Bellevue Hospital. I utilize a variety of therapeutic approaches to help people overcome harm related to the full spectrum of commonly misused substances, such as Alcohol, Opioids, Cocaine, Crystal Meth, Cannabis, and Nicotine (including Vaping). I also have experience treating compulsive sexual behaviors and gambling addiction.

My Approach
What to Expect

What to expect from addiction therapy...

My philosophy ​

Above all, I understand that addiction treatment requires an open-minded, nonjudgmental, transparent, and safe setting. I know how hard it is simply to acknowledge the need for a change. I integrate both harm reduction and relapse prevention approaches to assist my clients in achieving highly individualized, mutually-shared treatment goals. Whether this be long-term abstinence, or controlled, less consequential use, we’ll work collaboratively toward shared goals at a pace that feels right for you.​

Initial assessment

During my initial assessment, we’ll examine your use and any co-occurring problems to focus on during our work, such as another mental health condition like depression or anxiety, or maybe a past trauma or a difficult family dynamic that you're looking to overcome. This is also the point in treatment when we’ll decide on a “level of care” determination, which could involve a recommendation for inpatient/outpatient detox or residential care, should we determine together this would be helpful. I also have an extensive network of addiction psychiatrists that I partner with if we decide on an evaluation for medication. 

Ongoing support

Treatments vary in length, but usually consist of weekly therapy sessions for at least 6-12 months. I use a variety of therapeutic approaches, from science-driven, highly effective therapies like CBT and Relapse Prevention Therapy, to traditional psychodynamic approaches—no single treatment is ever the same. I focus heavily on the underlying thought patterns and past experiences that shape and enable one’s behavior, while simultaneously working on immediate strategies to help one control their use or minimize any associated consequences. In all cases, my goal is to help you improve your quality of life. 

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